Media Artist

As part of a talented team, I helped create 10 captivating generative art scenes and user-friendly playback software for a massive LED sculpture. Our launch was a huge success, and the project continues to exhibit new works each month from grant-supported artists and outreach to local and national institutions.

I also played a key role in supporting the integration of several new artworks into the system, including those of Peter Burr, David Wallace Haskins, Kurt Kaminski, and Jason Salavon. The LED sculpture is an artwork in itself, and our generative art scenes offer an immersive experience to viewers.

Photo and video credit: Leviathan and @150mediastream

From @150mediastream:

Amon Tobin ISAM
World Tour

As part of a collaboration with Amon Tobins’s ISAM album tour, I had the honor of contributing my artistic and technical skills to create captivating visual effects. I built the mesmerizing point cloud effect and created the "air harp" that wowed audiences.

Additionally, I developed the projection mapping alignment software that formed the foundation of the show. It was a visual and technical triumph that showcased the incredible artistry of our team, leaving audiences awed.

Photo and video credit: Leviathan

Peter Pan Shadow Play
Disney World

I contributed my artistic vision and technical expertise to an interactive artwork that takes guests on a playful journey through a world of fantasy and magic. As the interactive artist, I collaborated with designers and animators to create a cohesive and immersive experience.

I developed and implemented the interactive gags and special effects, performed research and development for the highly specialized systems, worked on 3D, 2D, and audio assets, and integrated equipment for a successful permanent installation. Guests can engage with their own shadows and interact with bells, butterflies, and even Tinker Bell, whose pixie dust realizes costumes inspired by iconic characters.

There are many public videos of this piece online. One of my favorites is from BookishPrincess (Youtube link).

Photo credit: Leviathan

Numbers in Nature
Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago
I had the privilege of contributing to a permanent exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, featuring seven different installations that invite guests to explore the beauty of mathematical patterns found in the natural world. Working alongside a talented team, I built several interactive exhibits that engage visitors through the use of touchscreens, Leap Motion, Kinect, and physical sensors.

My work also included performing user testing with the Museum of Science and Industry, collaborating with visitors to refine the exhibits and ensure that they were easy to use and enjoyable. In addition, I played a key role in leading subsequent updates and additions to the exhibit, ensuring that it remained a dynamic and engaging experience for visitors of all ages. It was an incredible opportunity to combine my passion for art and technology and make a contribution to such a groundbreaking project.

Photo and video credit: Leviathan

Connected City
San Jose

I had the privilege to contribute to the creation of a stunning miniature city that showcases cutting-edge real-time lighting and shadows, simulated traffic, and engaging animated narratives. As part of the project team, I contributed my artistic and technical expertise to this incredibly detailed installation, in which 3D-printed building models and CNC-milled landscapes form the basis of a captivating story.

Working closely with the team, we also developed custom 3D projection mapping software, enabling us to achieve flawless pixel-to-pixel mapping from multiple projectors. Additionally, I participated in the design of the synchronized tablets that visitors can use to interact with and learn more about the stories told in the installation.

Photo and video credit: Leviathan

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